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Daniel S. Drahn, Principal Engineer

Dan is the owner and Principal Engineer of Boundary Water Engineering. He has been a registered professional civil engineer in Washington State for over 20 years, with broad experience in engineering planning, design, construction and project management. Since he began his professional career in 1984 he has performed a variety of civil engineering tasks in locations around the world. Prior to working for Boundary Water, Inc., Dan served in the Peace Corps in Thailand as a Water Resource Engineer and worked for several consulting firms in the Seattle area and in central California.

Previous experience includes civil planning and design of subdivisions, up to 440 units, heavy pavement design, water planning and engineering for the Master Planned Port Ludlow development, construction phasing, sitework and stormwater design for the 32 acre, $540 million King County Metro-West Point Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade, Seattle. Dan was responsible for design of all civil aspects of the Lakemont Stormwater Treatment Facility, City of Bellevue and municipal level planning and design for transportation, water and sewer collection systems.

Over the past 19 years working in San Juan County, Dan has successfully completed numerous private and municipal civil works, including 5 Class A desalination treatment plants. Dan personally planned, designed permitted and supervised construction of all projects listed in the BWI overview.

His volunteer work includes designing a temporary emergency desalination plant in Sri Lanka after the tsunami which is still currently in service, developed water resources for a desert monastery in New Mexico and engineering as well as hands on construction work for an orphanage in Mexico. Most recently, he has performed relief work in Myanmar, providing analysis of the infrastructure needs of refugees, provided technical aid to a hydro electric dam in Laos and water resource and Rain Catchment design work in Thailand.

Dan has served on various County Council-appointed committees including the Lopez Village Water Study Committee, the Lopez Village Planning Advisory Committee and currently is a member of the Stormwater Advisory Committee, advising the Council regarding stormwater planning, expenditures and policy.

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Boundary Water, Inc is a civil engineering firm based in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. The main office is on Lopez Island, Washington, with satellite virtual offices located in Friday Harbor and Anacortes, Washington. The firm performs civil engineering, land development services, land planning, including construction inspection and agency coordination. We do extensive work in water system planning and permitting, including desalination plants and water rights.

Design capabilities include project scoping, preliminary design, construction documents, cost-estimating and construction services related to a wide variety of municipal and private civil projects. These projects have included roads, bridges, water supply systems, sanitary sewer and storm drainage systems as well as the design of docks, towers, canals, weirs, small dams, and residential and commercial building structural systems. Our construction cost estimates are based on local bid costs when possible, providing our clients with a trustworthy planning tool.

Boundary Water, Inc. became the successor firm to MPD, Inc, PS; in April 2008 focusing on engineering, surveying and planning services to the San Juan Islands. Through various incarnations, the firm has been consulting in the Western Washington for 50 years. Retaining ownership and access to the records of its successors, some of our survey records and field notes extend as far back as 1927.

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