Boundary Water, Inc is located in the San Juan Islands. Accessible by the Washington State Ferry Service or by air, the islands of Lopez, Orcas, San Juan and Shaw have been luring explorers and visitors with a natural beauty full of surprises since they were first discovered.

The San Juan Archipelago, which includes the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, comprises more than 700 islands and reefs; about 176 of the islands in San Juan County are large enough to be named.


Friday Harbor - Headquarters

Boundary Water, Inc. main office is located at 365 Spring Street Suite D in downtown Friday Harbor. You will find our office just three blocks from the ferry terminal in the Harbor Plaza Building.

This historic seaport in the heart of the Salish Sea is nestled between three magnificent cities of the Pacific Northwest: Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria. Far from the city life, yet conveniently close, Friday Harbor preserves its maritime history. It is one square mile of walkable seaside activity, recreation and culture.  In Friday Harbor there are no stop lights (none in the county).



Lopez Village - Branch Office

Our branch office on Lopez Island is located in downtown Lopez Village. This office has access to all of the tools and resources of our headquarters office.

Lopez is the most rural of the three major islands, covering 29.5 square miles. The landscape blends woods with rolling farmlands and open spaces with shimmering vistas. It is also known as the friendliest of the San Juan Islands. Don't forget to wave at the passing motorists - a local custom for many years! There's a genuine spirit of community here and a special feeling for life that pervades the population of 2,200. Lopez is home to many artists, craftspeople, musicians, farmers, fisherman, nature lovers, and eccentrics.

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