Public Utilities

North Lopez Sewer Main Extension, Lopez Village, Lopez Island, Wa

Three property owners on the North end of Lopez Village desired sewer main extension form the Fisherman Bay Sewer District (the District), however, at the time of preliminary subdivision applications they were outside the District boundary. Preliminary subdivision application were based on preliminary community drainfield design and related on-site easements.
During the main extension design process, a fourth property owner joined the group to extend mains to his property for future use.

Coordination of the main extension project included establishment of a joint escrow account to cover expenses to the following steps. Annex properties into District. Apply for Developer Extension, obtain design approval. Test and obtain approval of the designed sewer mains. Apply for Reimbursement Agreement with the District.
In addition we followed up with the District and drafted procedures, design criteria and standard specifications for developer extension in the future.

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