Site Development

Lopez Housing Options, Lopez Island, WA
14 unit Senior hamlet housing complex with an Adult Family Home and community gathering place in Lopez Village. Site development included initial planning of phases, design of infrastructure, roads & utilities, stormwater planning , mapping, permitting, and surveying and construction services

Milagra Subdivision, Lopez Island, WA
8 acre, 15 lot subdivision designed as a Green subdivision, ustilizing small building lots and large common areas.
Preliminary surveying, planning, negotiations with neighbors; purchase and sale agreement for two acres of the original 10 acre parcel to Lopez Community Land Trust. Preliminary and final approval of two Group B water systems. Annexation and developer main extension for Fisherman Bay Sewer District sewer service. Final surveying and subdivision application with follow-up and communications with the SJC Permit Center . Highlights of Alternative Design include the following:
Utilities contained in plat road (minimized).
Sixty percent of parcel in common are, saving existing open field view area and forested area.
Private drive and utility extensions from plat road to parcels only built when properties are sold and developed.

Lopez Community Land Trust, Innisfree Lopez Island, WA
8 unit affordable housing complex. Services included, boundary line modifications, mapping, infrastructure, roads & utilities design, binding site plan, stormwater planning, permitting, bidding and construction services.

Duncan Subdivision, Lopez Island, WA
Five lot long subdivision of 3.2 acre parcel.
Preliminary surveying, permitting, engineering services.
Final surveying, permitting, engineering services.
Coordination of combined access and road maintenance agreement with neighbors.
Creation of Group B water systems to serve.
Coordination of annexation, developer execution for reimbursement agreements with Fisherman Bay Sewer District to serve development.

Marsaudon Commercial Building, San Juan Island, WA
Commercial building, developed facility included 15,000 sf of parking lot, 14,000 sf new building and 12,000 sf of landscaping on a 42.000 sf lot. Site development included initial planning design of infrastructure, roads & utilities, stormwater planning , mapping, permitting, surveying, building and construction services Services included design of site utilities to serve this lot and four other parcels, including water, sewer, power, telephone, access and storm drainage. Stormwater planning included utilizing underparking detention and connecting to Town of Friday Harbor drainage system.

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