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Blake Island Water Monitoring and Treatment Washington State Park
Blake Island groundwater supply serves the Marine Park and Tillicum Village a tribal destination dinner theater seating 450 persons. The water was highly mineralized and seawater intruded. Treatment included manganese removal using a chemical-free filter and ion-exchange using potassium based salt. Work included installing a remote monitoring system linked to a meter and various water quality sensors. The monitoring system, which was web-based, included an adjustable pump controller that could be linked to a chloride sensor. One season (six months) of data was analyzed, to try to determine if chlorides could be limited by pumping adjustments in the existing well. This proved not to be the case at this location.
A second, shallower well was drilled nearby and cleaner water was obtained. The yield of the second well is not sufficient for peak season supply, however, the two sources, blended are sufficient and water quality can be kept within acceptable limits without treatment.

Raincatchment System Private Client, Lopez Island, WA
Rain Catchment System Design Scope Featured 3 different systems.
Primary Residence
Design and permitting applications for rainwater catchment collection and treatment. The potable system includes a 4,000 gallon concrete cistern under the garage floor and treatment. Irrigation and fire protection supplies are collected for a 2,400SF sod and metal roof and stored in an 8,000 gallon concrete cistern under the rock-faced porch.
Barn Rain Catchment
Irrigation and fire protection supplies are collected from the 4,500 SF sod and metal roof and stored in a 15,000 gallon buried concrete cistern. Irrigation supplies are filtered. Sprinkler charging includes a 7.5 Hp stainless steel submersible pump adjacent to the cistern and is rated for 150 gpm @ 20 psi residual pressure.
Second Residence
Rainwater collection is from 2,400 of metal roofing and is stored in two 5,000 gallon concrete cisterns. From the cisterns water, is pressurized and treated for potable use.
Unique Features
Development of catchment water availability spreadsheet projecting available water and storage use during average and drought conditions.

  • Treatment includes a whole house cyst filter.
  • Sod and metal roof collection for sprinkler system supply and irrigation of roof grasses, if needed.
  • Use of specialty valve and small bladder tank that allows fire pump to meet variable demands of 15-150 gpm. Standard air pressure tank was sized for demand range at 4 diameter, 14 long. Bladder tank used with control valve is 2.5 in diameter, 4 high.
  • Positive irrigation shut-down alert when cistern level is at fire set aside levels. Integrated with alarm system remote displays.
  • Irrigation supply is a variable-speed, constant pressure system that uses a small, two-gallon bladder tank. Irrigation supply is filtered for drip irrigation.
  • Treatment design includes a whole house cyst filter.
  • Permitting submittals included an Operations and Maintenance Manual.
  • Buried cistern draining and cleaning strategy accomplished with a portable sump pump and flushing strategy, eliminating 500 LF of drain line excavation, maximum 8 deep in an area of known bedrock irregularities and projections above ground.
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