Cattle Point Desalinization Plant
  • Open water saltwater intake & discharge, horizontal well casing & 45 gallon per minute submersible saltwater pump.
  • Desalinization Plant building including 3 stage pre-filtration 21,600 gallon per day reverse osmosis package plant, day tank farm. Control packages including safety features, alarms and remote monitoring capabilities.
  • 78,000 gallon concrete reservoir in series with existing 10,000 gallon tank.
  • Chlorination & PH adjustment facilities (Lead & Copper Rule).
  • Improvements to existing groundwater treatment equipment. Project approved to serve 60 homes, wells are approved as a backup source of supply.
  • The plant is able to produce more than 21,000 gallons of fresh water daily and will serve 60 homes.
Plant work included desalinization planning, permitting, design, DOH approvals, construction services and extended start-up monitoring. Boundary Water was responsible for obtaining necessary state and local permits for the project. DOH approval was obtained for the following related documents:
  • Desalinization Project Report.
  • Plans and Specifications.
  • Desalinization Operations & Maintenance Package.
The plant can be remotely monitored using PLC’s and PC software links. As a condition of plant acceptance, MPD monitored one full year of initial plant operation and operator training. Pickling and cleaning systems were fully evaluated including demonstration cleaning of both treatment trains after the first 9 months of operation. The plant passed full construction certification testing at the end of a year of operation. The plant continues to operate successfully and membranes have not required cleaning (as of 2004).
Mineral Point Desalinization Plant
The project included design of a 10,000-gpd plant serving 19 homes, with a mile of site piping and control work. Project support included the following.
  • Preliminary Selection of the RO unit manufacturer, comparing costs and quality of proposed equipment.
  • Construction plans.
  • Review of manufacturer supplied O&M materials.
  • DOH submittals and approvals.
  • Permit submittals and coordination (with client support).
  • Construction inspection and Certification.
The desalinization plant building is within close proximity to existing homes. Plant aesthetics as well as noise abatement were carefully considered during design. The plant has continued to operate successfully since 1998.

Sucia Island Solar Desalination Washington State Parks
Sucia Island provides most of the fresh water for boats and campers in the chain of marine park islands in the San Juan archipelago. The island currently relies on treated groundwater from several wells. Because of limited recharge, these wells are normally dry in August, sometimes as early as July, each year.
Work began with a project report which analyzed historical water use and availability , investigating a number of possible solutions. It was decided that eth best alternative was a solar desalination supplement that would operate during the summary.
We designed a highly energy efficient plant that would produce about 2000 gpd of fresh water, if it were to run 24 hours a day. The solar power design was integrated with the existing caretakers residence supply. The plant would run when the sun shines averaging about 400 gpd during the peak use system. Project design and estimates were accepted and construction awaits funding.

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