West Point Treatment Plant Expansion, Seattle, Washington, Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle (METRO)

Dan Drahn was responsible for the design of portions of the treatment plant expansion, a $580 million project upgrading treatment to secondary levels and increased plant capacity from 325 to 440 mgd. Work included stormflow forecasting and related drainage and erosion control design on the unstable slopes above the plant, the design of pavements and roadways including an access and drainage system cantilevered on top of a 40-700 foot high retaining wall, and comprehensive grading and drainage work across the 32 acre site. Grading work in the package includes over 550,000 CY of excavation, 270,000 CY of onsite stockpiling, structural and cosmetic fills and foundation base preparations.

Lead Civil Engineer on the Excavation and Grading Task for the site preparation contract package, Technical Lead for the construction phasing and coordination report, and Lead Designer for all non-structural civil work related to the solids handling facilities.

Wastewater Collection System and Treatment Plant Master Plans, City of Belton, MO

Kim Ingham was responsible for project management of city-wide master plans for wastewater collection system and treatment plant. Project included selection of two design consultants and a finance sub-consultant. Project included mapping, inventory, GIS, hydraulic model of sanitary sewer lines, manholes, and pump stations, a pilot Inflow and Infiltration study, treatment plant operations with headworks, orbital aeration tank, clarifiers, RAS/WAS, sludge handling, disinfection prior to discharge, identification of maintenance and capital improvement needs, and proposed funding mechanisms. Assisted administration, City Attorney, and finance departments. Preliminary development for establishing Sewer Connection Fees. Consultants and staff made presentations to Council members, citizens, and developers.
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