Lopez Airport Swale, Lopez Island, WA

    Design permitting, bidding and construction services for 1,200 LF swale to convey projected 100 year storm peaks from the Airport to the beach, over private properties.


  • Utilization of bio-engineered liner, able to convey flows at slopes up to 20% in an open channel.
  • The swale solution negated County requirements for 2 year storm peak reduction using detention pond approaches.
  • Incorporating the swale in the Lopez Airport Safety Improvement Project utilized FAA funding and avoided potential litigation from downstream neighbors.
  • Permitting included an emergency Exemption from Shoreline Substantial Development , with follow-up permitting required, post-construction. Permit follow-up went smoothly.
  • This project was considered practical and successful; a win-win for the Port of Lopez and their neighbors.
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