Volunteer Projects

Temporary Surface Water Treatment Plant, Ampara District, Sri Lanka 2007

Dan Drahn served in Sri Lanka February 2007-April 2007. He was responsible for setting up an emergency surface water treatment plant in the Ampara District, East Coast of Sri Lanka following the Tsunami that occurred in December 2006.

The plant, funded by Samaritanís Purse could treat up to 100 gpm with 10 filters running. The water was loaded into trucks and distributed to a network of refugee camps and hospitals. Typically the plant would operate 10-12 hours per day serving about 10,000 persons.

Responsibilities included setup, troubleshooting, O & M manuals and operator hiring, training and scheduling. The plant was supposed to operate for 6 months, until existing water mains and piping that served damaged areas could be repaired. In fact, the plant operated for 2 years, when treatment equipment was donated to the Sri Lankan government for continued use at a different location.

Monastery of Christ in the Desert Water System, Abiquiu, NM

The Monastery established in 1958 is built of adobe and native materials and is 30 miles from the nearest store. There are about 40 monks and staff year round and a summer population with guest that can peak at over 100 people for short period. Dan Drahn and his son Nate spent three days evaluating the water system and the water quality, resulting in an engineering project report outlining recommendations for current and future needs, tank replacement, conservation, water safety, quality improvements and state health compliance. Field work included Water System mapping, flow and water quality measurements, tank inspection, well testing over a three day period and confirming that the water supply aquifer was the same aquifer that supplies the river.

Friday Harbor Athletic Fields, San Juan Island, WA

Encompassing a number of years, the Friday Harbor Athletic Fields are a continuing project. Boundary Water has supplied both survey and engineering expertise for this project, much of which has been donated. The land for the fields was donated by a local developer to the San Juan School district with a vision of a variety of fields including soccer, baseball and football as well as parking an a clubhouse. Engineering effort included individual field design; stormwater design including under field drains; and detention ponds; parking, access and utility design;
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